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Spearmint Honey

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Spearmint honey is a great way to freshen tea. Honey has been known to ease sore throats and help coat raspy ones.

Spearmint Profile:

Latin name: Mentha spicata or Mentha viridis The spearmint’s oil has been used in many ways from aromatherapy to chewing gum. The leaves have also been used in herbal pillows, tasty teas, and culinary dishes. Spearmint is easy to grow and is known for its minty green leaves and pink or white flowers.

Recipe: Spearmint Honey

To yield 8 ounces of Spearmint Honey use the following:

8 oz of dried spearmint leaves

8 oz of pure honey

  1. Measure out spearmint and honey.

  2. Add to a double boiler over low heat.

  3. Simmer honey mixture for 6 hours.

  4. Strain mixture with a muslin cloth or tightly woven cheesecloth. I’ve also been able to use a simple strainer.

  5. Pour honey into a jar and label with the date the honey was made and information on the spearmint and honey that was used.

Note: Whenever fresh plant material is used, water is introduced to your honey and allows for icky growth to form.

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