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Meet Spirit swagger

•The Basics•

Spirit Swagger (formerly Soapy Swagger) is a small, privately-owned business that started in 2015. It's based in the suburbs of Sterling, VA where I, the proud mama of this business, live with my husband and three dogs! Because of the company size; the spirit; and intention behind each product made, everything is made in small batches. So the processing time is between 1 - 3 days. 

I strongly believe that energy flows through all things, and I make sure that I've cleared my mind of worries and create each batch with positive intention. I do this believing that positivity will carry on to customers.

•The Wild Woman Behind the Scenes•

I first started 'handcrafting' for myself as a young sprout. I believe that everyone goes through several periods of self-discovery throughout his or her life. In high school, I realized that I was a much happier 'me' when I let myself be more connected to nature. 

As I started to observe my surroundings more, I started to note what was happening on the inside - becoming more self-aware. This furthered in college, where I started finding and tapping into a deeper sense of self and understanding. I was off of over the counter medicines, relying on teas and home remedies to help me out. I cut my hair and turned away from harsh chemicals that I'd previously used to 'tame' my mane. I now make my own shampoos and conditioners, salves, scrubs, and soap; the last three which I sell at local fairs and now am selling online.

I am a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild and find great pleasure in helping women explore the different scents and feels (that exfoliation) of soap, scrubs, and other body products. Even more, I'm working to complete an Herbal Immersion program, clocking over 1000 hours of traditional herbal medicine training after already completing a 150-hour training. This is, of course, in addition to what I've learned through prior education and life-experience crafting for myself and family. 

•My Goal•

To empower young women to fully and intentionally express their true selves and embrace their connection to spirit and nature. I want women to feel proud and to walk with an unashamed swagger.

While I'm creating products to help influence this empowerment and encouragement from a physical aspect, I am also working on a new program for women who want to connect with their deeper, most natural selves from a nature-centric spiritual aspect. There's more information coming soon! Please make sure to sign up for the Spirit Swagger newsletter for updates on new products and services!

With Much Love, 

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